Remember that your account is active only at the time when it is topped up with a minimum of 10 PLN on the account or the moment the credit card is linked to it

Type of fee Gross value
Payment for rental Time range
from 1 to 15 minutes no fees
from 16 to 60 minutes PLN 1
from 61st to 120th minute PLN 2
from 121 to 180 minutes PLN 3
each subsequent commenced hour PLN 4
Fee for exceeding the 12-hour limit of rental PLN 200
Fee for theft, loss or damage of bike PLN 2000

Fees sum up


Additional fees

Initial fee PLN 10
Bike ride by a greater than allowable number of persons for a given type of Bike PLN 200
Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) outside User Zone PLN 200
Abandoning the Bike (regardless of its type) beyond the Kajteroz Station but in the User Zone PLN 50
Removal of applied protections PLN 200
Non-authorized ride PLN 100
Transporting Bikes in a car or another means of transport owned by private persons PLN 50

Additional fees sum up.